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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I wish for you the best of God’s blessings in 2017. And Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, down in your heart.

I have some exciting news. My new blog overhaul is almost done and I will be launching it in a couple of weeks. I will write a post with the new address as soon as I have it and if you sign up to be a follower I will enter you to win a KitchenAide mini stand mixer

Stand Mixer

This is the one I got for Christmas~~ the one I am giving away is silver. I will also give you an entry for every friend that you get to be a follower. Just put their name in the comments and when they send their email address I will give you an entry.

I have not posted a new recipe for about 3 years, and I am excited to get back at it. Thanks to those of you that continued to visit my site and use the “cookbook” that is already on my blog. I continue to have 3 to 4,000 views a month, even without new posts, so that is very encouraging to me. I have had some health problems the past few years but by God’s grace I have been restored to health and am ready to get back at it. I had some ear surgery that left me deaf in one ear and dizzy for a couple of years. After a heart attack and a couple more surgeries, they finally got it figured out.


These guys are my inspiration. They keep me hopping. Two of them live with us right now with their mom and dad while they finish up school next December.

I have decided not to run ads on my new blog right now. Unless of course I go viral and I could become rich and famous, then maybe I will. :} They are a pain and I hate them popping up all the time.

Dani and I hosted our Second Annual Favorite Things Party for her community group girlfriends. It is so much fun to host these girls. They are so appreciative and have such a good time together.

I stole this idea from two of the most creative young women I have every met. Holly and Emily decorate a table at their church Christmas women’s event every year. This year was simple, elegant and right down my alley. They were gracious enough to let me borrow their idea and even the candles and hoops to reproduce it at my house over my table.


The candles are remote controlled and sold on Amazon. Love, love, love them.

We recycled the napkins from last year and Dani folded them like Christmas trees. A rusty star on top from my attic of fun and a runner from a random piece of burlap I had laying around and there you have it.

We had a pie baking class. I found these little pie plates at Michaels in the clearance section for 99 cents. We made Toll House Pie and they took them home to their husbands.

Dani and Cassie

Dani and her “twin” Cassie.

It was a fun evening. Can’t wait till next year.

Be watching for my new blog address. So excited!!!

By Therese, January 2, 2017
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