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New Year’s Eve Appetizers

If you are looking for appetizers for New Year’s Eve, here are my top picks.  

Raspberry Chipotle Dip is a cream cheese and sour cream base with purchased raspberry Chipotle sauce on top and then garnished with green onions, pecans and fresh raspberries.  Make 3 and put it in martini glasses on a plate with crackers around the bottom and set them in different locations around the room.
The second one is Green Chile Artichoke Dip.  Creamy and delicious with a little something extra.  The Chiles make this recipe just enough different that people will say “Can I get that recipe?”
The third is our families’ all time favorite and that is Sausage Stars.  If you are going to the same party I am, don’t make these because I am 🙂  They are ALWAYS the biggest hit.  You cannot make enough of them, they are always all gone.  Sorry I was not taking pictures back then.  I will take them when I make them on Saturday but that doesn’t help you much.  The wonton skins are in the produce section and they are the smaller ones.  The big ones are for egg rolls.  You press them down in a muffin tin and bake for a few minutes then turn them over on a cookie sheet and brown just another couple of minutes.  Sounds like aclot of trouble but it really isn’t. Just takes a few minutes.  Then you fill them with this wonderful sausage mixture with black olives and ranch dressing and Monterrey jack cheese.  Oh yum, I can’t wait.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year.  Check back in January for my blogs new look.  I had 3,000 views last month!!!!  Thank you!!!  Would love to hear some comments on  how to make it better since I will be working on revising it.
By Therese, December 29, 2011
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