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Homemade Donuts

Homemade Donuts

Ever find yourself saying…..”My grandma used to make those for us all the time.”  Aren’t those great memories.  Why not make some of those memories with your kids or your grandkids.  You have probably had these before and you think you can’t make them because they are fried.  Well, you only eat a couple and you don’t eat them everyday, so a little Canola oil won’t kill you and the memories will be be well worth it.

 This would be a fun thing to do on Thanksgiving with the kids.  Keep them away from the hot oil of course, but they can spoon the sugar over the donuts and eat them just after they cool.  They are so easy and so good.  Be sure and buy enough.  My experience has been about 4 per person.  Teenagers love them too.

Buy tubes of the plain, cheap, store brand biscuits.  They are usually 10 per tube.  They are not the flaky ones with layers.  Just old fashioned buttermilk or homestyle.  Sometimes they have Pillsbury, 4 blue tubes shrink wrapped together.  I found Food Club at Market Street.

Lay the biscuits out on wax or parchment paper.  Using an aspirin bottle or a thimble cut holes in the biscuits to make the donuts.  Pretty easy huh?  Kids love doing it.
Let them come to room temperature for about 15 minutes.  This lets them rise just a bit.

While they are rising, mix sugar and cinnamon (add allspice and clove for spiced) on a paper plate.  You can figure out the measurements.  Or let the kids just do it.  You can also use powdered sugar and canned chocolate icing for a variety.

 Use any kind of skillet.  Pour about an inch and a half of Canola oil in the pan.  Heat on high for a few minutes.  When it starts bubbling, put one donut hole in.  When you can see it start getting brown, you can start adding the donuts.  You will only turn them once, so let them get light brown on one side then flip them over.  You will need to turn the heat down the longer you work, because if they brown too quickly they do not rise while they are frying.  Work with small batches of about 5 or 6 at a time.  Don’t crowd the pan.

Remove from pan and drain and cool on a paper towel until cool enough to handle.  Just a couple of minutes.

Roll them in the cinnamon sugar or sift powdered sugar over them.  Eat immediately.  No chance of them getting cold.  But just in case, you can’t make them ahead of time.  They are not good cold.

Enjoy making memories!!!!!

By Therese, November 14, 2011
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