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Smoked Cheddar Meat Loaf Sliders

Smoked Cheddar Meat Loaf Sliders
Our grill is
broken right now, so I was trying to think of something that did not
have to be grilled. Our local Market Street serves a cheddar meat loaf
and it is wonderful. They couldn’t share the recipe because it is a
corporate “secret” so I combined a couple of recipes and came up with an
even better version! (with a little help from Paula Deen)
I didn’t write it down, so use any basic meatloaf recipe.
Then add about a cup of grated or small cubed smoked cheddar to any
basic recipe. The key is to beat the egg and all ingredients except for
the hamburger together and then gently mix the meat in with your hands.
Don’t over work it or it gets to dense. Pat it into a square or
rectangle loaf, spread ketchup or bar b que sauce on the top, and bake
for about an hour at 350 (uncovered) Cut into squares and serve on mini
slider buns. Can be served at room temp or cover and keep warm in a
very low oven until ready to serve.
Great for an
outdoor party when you don’t want to get hot and sweaty over the grill.
By Therese, May 24, 2010
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