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Pulled Pork Sliders

Erin turned 27 this weekend. So hard to believe. She is a kind, compassionate, beautiful young woman and I could not be prouder of her. (she gets it from Bob) We celebrated the day with a party around the pool. It was a gorgeous night and was so much fun to have the house filled with laughter.

I served Pulled Pork Sliders and Smoked Cheddar Meatloaf Sliders.

I made some pretty great Pulled Pork Sliders on sweet Hawaiian rolls. I think it is okay to brag on your own cooking because it wasn’t my recipe. I never make up recipes. They are always someone elses. I wonder where they all came from? I try to ask permission from the person who gave it to me before I post a recipe. This one came from a good friend and great cook in my old neighborhood in St. Louis. I always use a boneless pork loin for pulled pork….but no more. I have been converted. This one calls for a Boston Butt with bone. (shoulder roast also will work but butt is better). It was so tender!!!!!!!! Thanks for the great recipe Les, it was a big success.

Oven Roasted Pulled Pork
Dry rub mix:
3 Tbs. paprika
1 Tbs. garlic powder
1 Tbs. brown sugar
1 Tbs. dry mustard
3 Tbs. coarse salt (either kosher or sea)
1 (5-7 lb) Boston Butt pork roast with bone
Trim excess fat from roast. Rub dry rub generously on both sides of roast. Place in ziploc bag or glass dish tightly sealed and refrigerate. You can marinate for as little as an hour but overnight is best.
Place in a roasting pan. The new cast iron (LeCrueset or other brand) really heavy roasters works best. But you can also just put it in a pan and cover tightly with a couple of layers of aluminum foil. Bake at 300 degrees for 6 hours.
While still warm shred meat with 2 forks. Serve on Hawaiian rolls (found in the orange package in the deli aisle) or Pepperidge Farm is now making a Slider bun in the bread aisle. Serve with mustard bar b que sauce and bread and butter pickles. Yum!

By Therese, May 24, 2010
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