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Fall Entertaining……..Smore Maker

This is a really fun thing for fall entertaining.  We made one for a friend’s wedding and had seen it last summer up in Minnesota where they are experts at making smores! It was such a big hit.  Very unique and a nice change from the chocolate fountain.  You can make it any size you like.  A small bucket would work just as well as this large one.  Check out this blog for some great s’more recipes.

Would be fun for a World Series Party.  Go Cards!

Purchase a galvanized bucket.  This one was a planter from Pottery Barn.  It was seasonal so you can’t get it any more, unless they would have it at the outlet.  But they have all shapes and sizes at farm supply stores.

Fill the bottom with empty soda cans.  Makes it lighter and much cheaper.  Then buy lava rocks that I found at Home Depot in the section of gas grill replacement parts.  They are only about $3 a bag.  It took 4 bags for this one.  Then you just get cans of Sterno and place them in the rocks.  Wa-la!!!! Smore Maker.

The sticks are bamboo that you can get at any grocery store or Wal Mart.  If you are worried about them burning you can soak them in water.  I didn’t, and we didn’t have any problem.

Just in case you don’t know……….Smores are toasted marshmallows, one half of a Hershey Bar and a graham cracker broken in half.  Half for bottom and half for the top.

You can use it indoors or outdoors.  The sterno is the same that caterers use under their steam tables.  We always have a fire extinguisher close by, just in case.  Be careful of table cloths etc, that might catch fire if a marshmallow was dropped that was burning.  And of course supervise children while using the open flame.

By Therese, October 22, 2013
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