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Snickers by Bon Appetit

I made these for a party on Saturday night.  They are one of the best sweets I have ever had.  But they are very involved and time consuming.  They are worth it but I am just warning you,  you might wonder why you ever started them.  But everyone raved about them.  So if you have a special event and want to wow them.  This is your recipe.  When I get back in the kitchen (I am tired today) I am going to try to simplify the recipe and make it easier to follow.  They are way better than Snickers!
Keep frozen and serve them frozen or defrost about 15 minutes.  Can be made ahead and frozen for one week.

 Best if you put them in mini cupcake papers.  Messy otherwise and the top tends to slide.  The recipe calls for them to be covered in chocolate which would alleviate that problem but I thought it was too rich.   I doubled the recipe and used a 9X13 pan.  If you use an 8X8 pan and do a single recipe, the layers will not be as thick and they will probably stay together better and easier to cut.

By Therese, December 3, 2012
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