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New York City

Life is full of firsts.  I went to New York City with my two daughters this weekend for a girls’ getaway.  We saw a couple of shows and had a wonderful time.  But I had my “first” face plant on the streets of New York when my toe caught the curb and I went flying.  And if that wasn’t enough fuel for hours of laughter I stepped off the curb into an oncoming biker who was screaming “watchit watchit watchit” as we nearly collided, oh……..and then there was the mounted police on horse back that I stepped in front of and if looks could kill I would be dead.  (we had wonderful food too, which I will tell you about later.)

If you are serving brunch for Easter, don’t forget about the Individual Omelets.  Some other suggestions are the Southwest Brunch, Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake, Triple Berry Brumble, and Sausage Stars.


By Therese, March 30, 2011
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